Miss....Now Mrs!

Many of you aren't married yet, but plan to be all married up sooner rather than later. There are always questions that come up about honeymoon plans, name changing processes, what documents to have, etc., so here are a few key tips that make sure you're on your way to name change and honeymoon travel success:

1) Always book your honeymoon arrangements under your maiden name. You'll need to present your ID, passport, and of course it will all have to match the ticket name exactly. You normally won't have time to get your name legally changed and recorded by the time you leave on your trip.

2) Check your state's government website for requirements; In Idaho you'll have to bring the gold-stamped, recorded copy of your marriage certificate to the Social Security office and DMV to change your license.

3) Make it easy on yourself and have someone else do the work while you sip on fruity cocktails in the Caribbean: sites like MissNowMrs.com will walk you through the initial steps and then take care of all the legalities for a low price. This is one of the more comprehensive online companies I've seen so far offering this service- and you can read all the reviews in media such as Brides, Get Married, and more.

~Happy Planning!

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