How We Love Jamali Garden

We do. Plain and simple. Jamali Garden is our zen to our garden. The website acts as a no-fail plan proofer (yes, we've coined the word, thankyouverymuch.) when in need for something out of the ordinary. We don't think brides should walk around thinking their flowers are only meant for plain vases. We also don't think white paper lanterns are the only thing that can float in the air at a wedding. Let's get jazzy, shall we and browse for a moment:



From the top: We love these white ceramic pots, starting at a smooth $1.99. Use them for centerpieces, candles, or as part of a DIY favor idea. These color scrunch rolls are fantastic for wrapping out of town gifts, vases, or even as a table runner or place mat. Copper anything is beautiful, especially in the fall. They look like metal, but are actually antiqued brown glass vases- love the pink flowers paired with them. And who doesn't like bling? This bar chandelier is fabulous.

Lower Row: We love color and capiz, but we also love natural looks. These cement vases would be gorgeous with pops of vibrant flowers....just a little rugged but not over the top.

And with that, lovelies, happy hunting and happy planning!

PS: Hope to see you all out at the Women's Fitness Celebration tomorrow- come cheer me on!

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