We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our team, Stephanie. She is one of our 2011 interns, and you're sure to see her pretty face at our Boise and McCall weddings this summer. And since it is a new year, we are all actually going to be introducing ourselves via the blog in a short mini series, so to start things off, I asked Stephanie to share with you a little about herself:

Soiree: What designers are you inspired by at the moment, bridal or otherwise?

Stephanie: Some of my favorite designers include Donna Karan, Kathy van Zeeland, Kate Spade, Vera Wang, and Badgley Mischka. I am attracted to these designers because they are feminine, slightly funky, and whimsical. Their pieces exude an effortless elegance and never look stuffy or uncomfortable. I am always inspired by Anthropologie's eclectic design and also love J.Crew's classic look. 

Soiree: How about some trends you're loving right now?

Stephanie: My favorite bridal trend right now is big funky headpieces. I am loving everything from bows to flowers to feathers. I have always been a huge fan of the bird cage veil and love how the style is being modernized and made to fit each bride's personality. Another bridal trend I enjoy is that men in the bridal party are getting more creative with their look. I love the fitted suits, skinny ties, suspenders, funky shoes, and creative boutonnieres. Even though most men aren't as interested in all the wedding details it is nice to see a little of their personality included in the big day.


Soiree: Finally, tell us a little about yourself in a few sentences?

Stephanie: I love vintage inspired clothing and sometimes wish I could be transported to the 40's and wear pencil skirts, pumps, and red lipstick everyday. I enjoy all types of design, have an obsession with pretty notebooks, spend way too much time looking at blogs, love wearing yellow, and can often be found in the kitchen whipping up some kind of baked good:)

Well we're excited for the times to come...and I feel your pain when it comes to spending entire days reading blogs. I don't however, share your love of baking...I once left out five ingredients in a cheesecake! I'll stick to cooking and we'll let you do the baking- we're happy to have you on board!

~Happy Monday!

Row 1: Ruched Sleeve Dress by Donna Karan;  The Lucy by Badgley Mischka Bride;
Row 2: Grace Contemporary Bridal Hairpiece by Jannie Baltzer; Didi shoe by Kade Spade

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