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As I was perusing the internet the other day, an interesting link popped up claiming to hone in on my style and therefore making shopping even more enjoyable than it already is. I couldn't resist, and after taking their Stylizer test, this is what popped up:


All in all, they hit pretty much right on the nose. After clicking through pretty, obnoxious, and downright scary photos of outfits and accessories, it seems they know what they're doing.

Some outfits suggested for me:


Again, not bad. After looking through the other boutique styles, I also think I might fall a little into this category:


If anything, it's always fun to pin down your style. In fact, asking questions about style are a normal part of our consultation and interviewing questions..after all, the best weddings are those that translate your personal style into party form.

What do you think your style is? Go to and try out their Stylizer! And then come back and let us know in the comments- we'd love to hear!


And now for some links you may have missed or will find interesting:

* High Gloss officially launched this week. This online magazine features all things high style for living, decorating, traveling, and fashion, and also boasts a variety of some the industry's greatest as editors and contributors. A must read!


* We loved this write up about the New York Flower Market by Merci New York. It really is such an iconic place, and the flowers are so inspirational. See a style shoot in the market here, also by Merci.

* The Special Event, a high end wedding and industry conference, was held last week in Phoenix. The conference is not only known for its larger-than-life speakers, but also for The Wedding Lunch; this year's theme was In Love With Metallics. The photos and videos from the event are amazing- see them here and here for lots of inspiration and ideas. Sasha Souza, wedding planner to the celebrities, was also at the event showcasing her favorite things for 2011- see them all on her blog here. You can also download a pdf version of the list here!

~Happy planning, and happy weekend!


Steph C. said...

I just took it and got "casual chic" seems pretty spot on:) I am loving the romantic glam look as site!

mnlinchri said...

Man, this site is addicting! I originally got classic style, but I also fit into casual chic and casual laid back luxe. I think it was pretty dead on!


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