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Kelly Wearstler, though not an event planner but rather an interior decorator, is so inspiring to me. Actually, I probably spend equal time as, if not more, on interior design blogs than wedding blogs. Sometimes it's really good to eschew the trends of the wedding world, and instead, look at color, prints, pairings, and even furniture for more inspiration. Do you find that happening to you? The more you look at real weddings, the more you find your mind only gravitating towards projects and ideas you just saw?

Kelly is one of those artists (yes I consider all creative positions forms of artistry) that continually does what is right for her and her clients. She stands up for her styles and owns it. She recently launched her new blog, and I loved one of her posts featuring a sneak peek into her design studio:


But what I loved even more was seeing how she organizes her projects. Love the idea to use trays to collect anything and everything pertaining to each project. They are kind of like inspiration boards, but instead have a more sensory purpose as you can feel, touch, compare, and throw physical objects in there that strike your fancy.



Head over to Kelly's blog to read about the projects she has in motion for each of these trays.

How do you like to organize your projects, wedding or otherwise?

~Happy Planning!

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