Wedding Wednesday | Real Winter Wedding By Tana Photography

We love it when brides get creative with their shoes- why stick with traditional bridals when you can have colors, rhinestones, embellishments, red bottoms (sweet and excited little shout out to one of our summer brides this year), and sparkle? This wedding was sent to us by Tana Photography, and took place on Christmas week. From Tana:

" The couple is Torrie and Kevin. They're living in Indiana; she's in grad school and he's a baseball scout. She told me they had initially met at a Boisel pub while they'd been BSU students. She was the waitress and he was there to watch a baseball game with friends. She wasn't suppose to work that day, and wasn't suppose to serve the section he sat in. He lingered around just to get a chance to talk to her. They think it was fate they met that day."

 So lovely! Thank you to Tana for sharing with us- be sure to head over to Tana's Blog to see the rest of the event.

Photographer: Tana Photography
Venue: Boise Art Museum 
Dress: Watters Too
Shoes: Steve Madden
Food: Seasons Bistro
Flowers: Botanica in Eagle
Cupcakes: Lily Jane's Cupcakes in Eagle

~Happy Planning!

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