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Yes lovelies, I was one of those that set my alarm for 3:50a; I wanted to catch the moment she stepped out of the car at the ceremony site, and I didn't want to miss an ounce of the ceremony itself.

There were so many aspects of the wedding that I swooned over, and many that were so simplistic yet perfect, it gave me chills. Here are my favorite aspects of the Royal Wedding:

Driving Up In Style


I loved the car the family chose to transport Kate Middleton to the Westminster Abbey for the ceremony. It was designed with a see-through roof, allowing all of her excited fans to see her on the way.

The Dress
I read on Twitter someone saying "Diana and Alexander McQueen are high-fiving in heaven", and I have to believe it's true. But first, let me back up. Maybe it was because there was so much hype about her gown that I was a wee bit disappointed when she first stepped out of the car. But as she continued to walk in that gorgeous barely-there veil, sparkling tiara, and petite bridal bouquet, the dress began to win me over. The bodice of the Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown was literally painted on her- showing off her petite stature. The rest of the dress was just perfect with the amount of fabric and layers, and the entire dress design leaned toward classic with a modern touch. She really was a modern-day Grace Kelly, and I don't think there would be a dress more perfectly suited for the new Dutchess of Cambridge.  Something we can say that will come out of this- I think we'll be seeing many more lace-sleeve designs emerging in the near future.

Prince William & Prince Harry

If you were watching as Kate approached her husband-to-be, Harry turned around to sneak a peek, then turned to Will to say "Just wait until you see her". How sweet?

Then comedian Will came out with his remark of "We were supposed to have a small family affair" to Kate and his Father-In-Law. This came, of course, right after the Prince whispered to his bride, "You look beautiful". Even sweeter.



Need I say more? Almost makes me want to be a Brit. The hats are so festive and amazing.

What were your favorite aspects of the Royal Wedding 2011? Decor? Music?


Tana said...

I taped (two different networks) and watched the whole event as well. My fav's were his look when he said "You look beautiful" and her "I'm so happy" in the carriage. Loved the fitted waist on her dress!

Kristin said...

I loved her dress and flowers, so timeless and romantic. The hats were all great too, it would be fun to have one made for a special event!


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