Bridal Beauty: Hot Yoga

So I mentioned on Monday that I was going to try a hot yoga class for the first time. Visions of sweaty, humid yukiness had me a little skittish, but I had also heard so many good things that I wanted to try it anyways. I'm an off and on yoga person (I won't call myself a Yogi just yet), mostly due to traditional yoga often becoming a little static for my personality. I'm one of those that has to pump to music- loud music.

Long story short, I was so impressed, and it was literally the fastest hour and fifteen minutes of my life. The class consisted of a Vinyasa power flow style method, which pushes your muscles to the max with body and core resistance. With the room being heated to 105 degrees and 40% humidity, we were sweating almost instantly, and combined with fast flowing movements, my heart was pounding just like when I'm running. In a nutshell: the experience was amazing. I think I'm hooked- even the non-traditional music had me going- just imagine Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" blaring through the studio as we move into our hardest stretch/move.

So why do I post this on the wedding blog? Because I know every single bride that comes through our doors have some sort of bridal beauty regime they're starting, whether it's a new exercise program, teeth whitening, facials, etc. If you're looking for something to kick your boredom to the curb and tone or even lose some pounds, I would suggest giving hot yoga a try. A few statistics and info about hot yoga:


The classes generally consist of 26 fluid poses, which, with the 105 degree temperature (depending on the studio the temp might range from 90-105 degrees), hot yoga enthusiasts will boast the temp actually helps to loosen your muscles to allow a deeper stretch (read: launch further into your warriors. Your muscles will burn!).

Other benefits include body detoxification, weight loss, anxiety and stress reduction. If anything, for me, it was just my hour and fifteen minutes away from the world. I left the studio feeling rejuvenated and wanting to come back.

How about you? Would you try a hot yoga class? Sumits Yoga in Boise is the studio I attended, and they offer a 2 week introductory bonus: unlimited classes for the newbies. It's a great way to try something new.

~Happy Thursday!

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