What We Can't Live Without: Evernote

I know, Evernote has been around and is not a new thing. But I thought I would share how we use the program in planning weddings.

Some of my staff works remotely, and the interns often have homework they're working on during the week when they're not in the office. The biggest way we use Evernote is as a catch zone for all of our online and photo credits for the blog. All of the girls know to clip any photos, urls, or ideas to Evernote, that way we all have access to the credits. Since I edit and write this blog, when it's time for me to upload photos or create a blog post, I just head to Evernote and look under that week's tag for all the photos and info I need.


The other way I use Evernote is to clip ideas I find. Whether for the blog, inspiring photos, or just new ideas to use. When I'm creating design boards for my clients I'll also make a folder for each of them and clip any and all photos or inspiration in it. This way I'll have all the websites stored in one place so I can go back to them when I need to.

Pinterest is a big deal right now, but I still think Evernote could also be really useful in wedding planning- clipping your sources (especially if you're a wedding blogger), notes to remember to ask your vendors, to-do lists, and more. 

Are you an Evernote user? How do you find it most helpful?

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