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There are only a few things that make me sad about a wedding. One of those things happen to be when there is a lack of detail shots. The small details are usually the parts of a wedding that take so much time, and sometimes... blood, sweat and tears too. They're also usually the most personalized aspects of the day, so why leave them out? Some photographers naturally lean toward shooting more portraits and including lots of people candids, and that's fine if that's what you want too. I personally believe a wedding album should tell a story and document the wedding day in its entirety, and getting that result takes a few steps. Here are 3 tips to ensure you have a well-rounded album that showcases all the details of the day:

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1) Revise that must-take shots list. We've touched on this before, but really, your professional photographer should know how many people are in your bridal party. What you want to make sure they know are the details- the favors, escort cards, the brooch on your bouquet.

2) Have a great time line. A good rule of thumb is to aim for all of your pre-ceremony photos (and all the set up) to end one hour before the ceremony. This not only gives you time to freshen up, but gives your photographer time to snap all the details.

3) Bring an extra invitation suite. This is one that is left out too much, but when it's included is such a nice touch. The invitation is your guests' first preview to the wedding day to come, so it's nice to have a stylized photo of your invite included in your wedding album too.

What other tips do you have for brides?

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