The Special Event 2012 | A Week In Pictures

Last week was a blur. A time warp, really. It would be 8am, then it would be 2am. Just like that. But it's amazing what one can get accomplished and who one can meet within an almost 24 hour time span. If only I had the energy (and shoes that didn't absolutely kill my feet) to do it all the time!

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to witness the best talent around the country, met entertainers, artists, planners, lifestyle gurus, and many, many event and wedding industry pros at The Special Event. I met some of the people I admire and look up to most, Twitter friends, and fellow wedding bloggers. I have way too many photos and videos on my camera and phone and I'll be sharing them, along with tidbits from the conference, over a series of posts. For now, here's a sneak peek of my week in sunny Florida, via the iPhone and camera:

Top Row: A fall table display | The fabric and chandelier ceiling treatment at The Wedding Event | The lighting each night was nothing short of amazing

Second Row: Walking Champagne Ladies | A giant tree constructed for the TSE Starts Here Event | The apple on the white dance floor at the same event(Theme: Adam and Eve)

Third Row: One of the four cakes at The Wedding Event | Starburst glass charger | A "modern organic" vignette

Stay tuned for more posts on TSE in pictures....

~Happy Wednesday!

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