Last Minute Halloween + Our Newsletter Launch!

After many months of planning and preparing, we're thrilled to finally present Volume 1 of
Soiree Unveiled, our newsletter. Our vision for the newsletter, and the name, was to "lift the veil" off the ins and outs of party planning, lifestyle, weddings, and more, and simply serves as an extension of our blog.

This issue, coming to you a week and a half before Halloween, can hopefully be inspiration for your gathering this weekend, more fall decor, and if you're planning an October wedding for next year.

The newsletter will be continually changing with the seasons- some months will be packed with wedding tips and advice, others with party planning tips, and still others with just ramblings about the goings-on at Soiree. So don't miss out- Until we have the signup link active on our blog and website, please send us an email at with the subject line
"Newsletter Signup" to be added to our list. Thanks in advance for your support and happy planning!


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