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With November well on its way and Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, we thought it would be nice to share what we're loving this fall and some of the things or experiences we're most thankful for this year.

First  up, what I'm loving so far this fall:

This Night Balm from Bath and Bodyworks  is my go-to chapstick in the fall and winter months- I use it all day, not just at night. I especially like putting it on right before lip gloss as it helps keep my lips from becoming over dry.

Every fall I look forward to one thing- chili. I make crockpot chili a few times a month and my hubs usually can't wait until that first chilly day. I might have to share my recipe some day soon, but until then, here are some scrumptious looking ones.

I got this candle last month and my whole family can't get enough of it.

I have been on a long search for the perfect travel mug- and Starbucks delivered. I have a requirement that my coffee must be a certain temperature at all times and I always hate it when I can't reheat the liquid once it's in a mug with some sort of metal on it. This one is ceramic like a real coffee mug.


My list of things I'm thankful for this year are all very personal- it's been a big year! I'm forever thankful for my husband of 7 years...without him I couldn't run a business, be a mom, or be who I am today. I'm of course thankful for my son, who just turned 4 this week..and our new little one on the way (which, if you haven't heard is another BOY!!). And finally, I am always thankful for my Soiree team...without them I wouldn't be able to realize this dream I had years ago.

What are you thankful for this holiday season? Have any goods to share? Do tell! 

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