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The holiday season is my absolute favorite time of year- I can't get enough of the Christmas music, the weather, and as someone asked me the other day- yes I even love the crowds that the season brings. But what I love most is the time spent with family- on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas, we often spend all day together well into the night, playing games, noshing on all kinds of food (brings new meaning to stuffed turkey!), and indulging in holiday cocktails. For us, it really is the merriest time of year.

So with turkey day coming up so soon, I thought I would share one of my favorite cocktails of the season, pomegranate liqueur with champagne. Not only is it a light sipper, but a festive one at that:

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Please note: This is my personal recipe, so you may alter some of the portions to your taste. There are also many versions of the recipe with juice and other ingredients added, but I prefer this natural, simple version:

1 Glass of sweet or brut bubbly of choice, I prefer the sweeter versions
Seeds of a pomegranate dropped in- you can eat them too

The perfect cocktail is bubbly, rose in color, with the pomegranate seeds floating throughout. Enjoy your holiday season and let us know if you try this out! For another twist on champagne varietals, try this cranberry recipe. 

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