Lifestyle: Simplifying your Closet

I always run across lovely closets like this one from My Love of Style and think 1.) Wow!
and  2. ) These closets wouldn't look like this once they were actually filled with someone's clothes.

  Interestingly enough though, I hear the key to having a put together wardrobe is having less clothes. I tend to think more is more and it's very hard for me to get rid of things. The other day I realized it's silly to have a closet literally full of nothing to wear to work. I ended up with two trash bags full of clothes and headed off to the nearest consignment store. When I got back home a few dollars richer (whatever they don't buy they'll donate for you) I went into my closet....and felt like getting rid of more! It feels so good to finally get rid of things you don't wear, either because they're ill fitting or you just really don't like them anymore. So my tip today is to work on simplifying, starting with your closet. Think about how nice it will feel to get ready for the day when everything in your closet is something you feel great in. With the extra cash you get for your old things, you could even buy a few new pieces to help you out with that!

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