Thanksgiving Inspiration | Sneak Peek 2

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? We're fortunate to have an extra week in November this year, but it also means feeling like Thanksgiving came up waytoofast. This time next week we'll all be together under the same roof, nibbling, laughing, and setting the table for the big meal. I'd love to know- what are you feeling inspired by this year? I thought I would share another sneak peek from our fall photo shoot we produced last month, as it describes quite well what I'm currently inspired by. I loved all the naturalistic flowers, wood, and antler elements...and we can't forget about the pheasant feathers. They really added a touch of masculinity to the feminine tablescape. And the cocktails (yes, the models enjoyed them after the shoot)- Those are the holiday pomegranate champagne lovelies I shared on Sunday. See, they really are beautiful!

We'd love to see what you're inspired by too- upload some photos to our Facebook page if you so desire. Happy Thursday!

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