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The comeback of the ballerina bun has been gracing the likes of wedding photographs and Pinterest boards lately, bringing with it it's iconic sophistication and style. From its sister looks including the chignon, messy bun, and top knot to the most popular sock bun, we are loving the simple elegance any of these looks will bring on a wedding day (or every day, for that matter).

For example, our bride Samantha had all of her bridesmaids in buns for her wedding this past September- a perfect touch to the already vintage feel of her wedding:

Photos by Ampersand Studios

White bridesmaids dresses from Jcrew
Flowers from Flowers At Will

We've put together some more inspiration below to help you decide if it's the look for you or your girls too: 

And you can view a handy How-To tutorial here...

What do you think? Do you love it for a wedding, or prefer it for a more casual look? 

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