6 Holiday Gift Wrap Favorites

Every year I try to pick out 2-3 coordinating patterns or designs for gift wrap....there's just something about looking at your tree and seeing all of the gifts sitting so pretty together. Now that I have a kiddo, I also try to find a balance between my aesthetics and kid-friendly designs that appeal to little eyes too- so we've seen the likes of vintage santas and colorful reindeer- but I still try to take it up a notch with trimming and coordinating. By having everything coordinate, from the wrap to the ribbon, it all becomes a really beautiful statement piece in your home. So without further adieu, here are 6 holiday wrapping paper favorites I've come across so far in my search for this year's theme:

Gold + Kraft | Vintage winter dachsunds

Flamenco Paper | Herringbone Gift Wrap

~Happy gifting, and happy wrapping- only two more weeks to go! 


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