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Winter can be rough. Not only are the days shorter and the nights colder but my skin...gets a little lackluster. By January I am longing for Summer and that sun-kissed glow. This usually leads to a loose regimin of applying gradual bronzing lotion once a month or laying in a tanning bed for all of two minutes because the thought of skin cancer or wrinkles outweighs my dream of bronzed skin!

This year I figured I would try working with what I have and create a "Winter Glow" by taking good care of my skin. Instead of using any old drugstore face wash and moisturizer like I usually do, I invested in a new skin care line. My favorite part is the hydrating anti-aging skin serum. This time last year, I would have scoffed at using anything anti-aging, but this year all my resolutions revolve around taking good care of myself and my health. It's never too early to start taking care of your skin and who doesn't want a healthy, glowing complexion? If you're interested, the line I'm currently loving can be found here. There are many carrying similar serums so check out your favorite products and find the best one for you. Cheers to lovely skin in this lovely new year!

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