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They say time flies when you're having fun, or in this case, snuggling baby toes every day! It's already been a month since Baby H arrived, and he's changing more and more each day. Along with his month birthday, Spring seems to be trying to make an appearance ( even with Boise's chilly wind) so I've been really drawn to cleaning up my diet and getting healthy again. While catching up on my blog reading (such a nice-and usually a rare- treat I get to indulge in every morning lately), one of my favorite blogger gals Camille Styles posted about Gwyneth Paltrow's newest cookbook, It's All Good. I was interested immediately and went to buy it last weekend. The food faire in the book is chock full of healthy greens, must-have fats, and even fun items for the kiddos (and adults) that I think I can sneak into K's diet easily. While I'm not entirely into all of the plan options in the book such as the Vegan way of life (just not my thing- I need cheese and wine!), the recipes are a great starting point to making sure all the right vitamins and good things are making it into your diet. And with all of the summer weddings coming right around the corner, this could be just the thing to kick start a honeymoon-ready body too (without a lot of sacrifice- I feel you girls).

I'd love to hear what you're doing to get ready for swim weather & wedding season- any other books or links you can recommend? 


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