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We've been in our office space for a little over a year now (same building since about 2011, but last September we moved into the basement level), and once the whirlwind of wedding season came to a close this year for us, we realized that we haven't done one thing with our office since our holiday party last December. As creatives, that's sad. When we moved downstairs, we were originally faced with two main problems: 1) the lime green and orange walls (thanks, Ampersand Girls! Muah!)  and 2) the added space and the fact that we had exactly one desk, 2 ottomans, and a conference table. The space we moved from was in the ballpark of about 200 sq ft (gotta start somewhere!), and our studio is now likely more in the 1000 sq ft range. We had a lot of ground to cover. So between September and early December of last year, we went on a buying spree to purchase as much as we realistically could (thank you, slow season) to at least make it look less like a 25,000 sq ft warehouse and more like a stylish wedding planning office.

Well fast forward to the end of October 2014 and I've decided it's time to start really personalizing this space. It was such a roller coaster season that styling the office was just the last thing on the list. In fact, I don't think it even made the list. So as I've gotten more in the office planning mood, I've already seen so many inspiring images that maybe one day our studio will grow into, and here are some favorites so far. Happy Monday!



Loving the reclaimed or vintage doors hung barn-style. Would love to do something like this to our extra-wide doorway leading into the main room of our office. 

Via Domaine

Let's talk about all the beauty oozing out of Lauren Conrad's newest Paper Crown office make over. It's the perfect marriage of eclectic and sophistication- this is exactly what we are aiming for in our office. Bring on the personality and style! 

With our great room being so expansive, and well, great, we are doing a little space planning on how to lay it out better. Considering moving all of our work stations into the great room with shared desk spaces to make better use of the area. And the chalkboard from designer Erin Gate's studio? That was totally the inspiration for our giant gold-framed chalkboard. We need to use it now,'s so pretty we never want to mark it up! 

Definitely loving the mix of textures and patterns in this one! 

I'll be on a pinning spree over the next few months- feel free to check more inspiration out on our pinterest pages too! 

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