Event Planning 101: Tips For Creating a Dreamy Wedding Day Look

Today's post is written by and features Camilla Orosco, owner of Breathtaking By Camilla. Camilla offers a luxury, cuture experience for the bride.

What are some mistakes to avoid with the wedding day makeup?

Makeup is such an important part of the wedding look. It is a wonderful detail that can really set the look apart from your everyday appearance. Some brides really want to glam it up on their wedding day while others really want to go with something more natural looking. Either choice can be amazing. I am always inspired by the brides natural beauty and try to enhance her most striking feature. Going with a look that competes too much with your natural beauty on your wedding is definitely a big mistake. I always start with creating glowing skin, subtle rosy cheeks, and then choose a focus area like the eye-makeup, or a great bold lip color. When it comes down to it, your groom wants to see the girl he fell in love with.

What are some tips you can provide for wedding day photographs?

Photos from your wedding are really the only tangible thing you have to truly remember your wedding day. They should capture the most important and memorable parts of your wedding, or remind you of intimate moments that were the most special. Your hair and makeup in the photos should come across beautifully. The camera really doesn't lie, so any sloppy bobby pins or unblended makeup will show up in a photo. It is ideal to have a photo session after the test run of your hair and makeup to make sure that everything looks right in the photos. It is a great chance to pick up on changes that will need to be made for the final look. I always provide the option of hair and makeup touchups to any bride that wants to make sure that she looks flawless in her wedding photos.

Any tips for making sure makeup will last?

I use a lot of techniques as a makeup artist that help the makeup stay looking great all day. It is really worth the money to hire a proffessional to do your makeup. But if you do choose to have a makeup artist create your look, make sure to do a test run of the makeup close to the time of your wedding. I also always suggest that the bride order touchups with her hair and makeup package. Even if you use very high quality makeup and the best techniques, some detail in the makeup can be lost if you are out in the hot weather, eating, enjoying a glass of champagne before the ceremony, etc. When I do touchups I usually go on location, bring my makeup kit with the products I have used on the bride that day, and touch up before pictures and the ceremony.

Any products you can recommend?

I have used Mirabella makeup for several years and just switched to Youngblood Mineral Makeup. I love both makeup lines and still use some of my favorite products from Mirabella. I like the Youngblood because most of the products are waterproof, which definitely helps for wedding day makeup. I also love the mineral eyeshadows because I can mix them to create custom colors and they have a very high pigment. One of my favorite products from Mirabella is the creme blush. I use it everyday on my own makeup and have one in my makeup kit to use whenever a bride wants a really beautiful natural glow.

~ Camilla

{ Camilla will be joining us again in the coming weeks to offer tips on creating special looks for your day- Stay tuned! Camilla is currently located at Carrita Salon in Downtown Boise on 8th & Bannock. You can reach her at 208-342-6760 ext. 11 or by emailing her at camillaorosco@hotmail.com}

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These are excellent! Make up really is an important part in completing the wedding look. Make sure your artist knows what your wedding dress looks like as well so that the makeup also complements the dress.


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