Say "I Do" To A Trimmer You!

Wanting to get in shape for your walk down the aisle? Sheila Kilborn-Jones, owner and senior instructor for Critical Tactics Training and Performance, is offering a deal of a lifetime for Brides-To-Be. And yes, in case you were wondering, that photo is really Sheila- intimidating? Not at all! In fact, Sheila is the nicest girl you'll ever meet, and happens to be a former Soiree bride :)

Right now, mention this blog post and Sheila is offering you 50% off of a customized 6 week plan. This plan includes four days of personal training per week, plus a customized nutrition and workout plan to help you achieve your best results possible.

Sheila is even offering to let you share this customized program- at the discounted price- with your Maid of Honor (Comes out to be $210.00 each- a spectacular deal for the 6 week program, and a great way to spend quality time with your bestie!).

So if you've been looking for a way to look your best as you count down to your Big Day, what Sheila is offering just can't be beat. Thanks Sheila!

{Critical Tactics Training and Performance also offers Self Defense classes and seminars, boot camp and tactical training and more, in addition to personal training. Visit the website for more information. Sheila's studio is located at 3329 West Cherry Lane in Meridian. Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity- call Sheila today!}

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