Being The Best You In 2010

As 2009 officially comes to a close, it seems almost impossible to think about anything else besides the pressure of your upcoming resolutions. Welcome to resolution season! Each year thousands of resolutions are made; and they are always aimed at improving oneself. This year, rather than setting specific, short term goals, why not look to set long term goals for success. This can be success in work, love, and in your personal life. These can be goals that need to be taken care of you and only you; others may require the help of a friend or colleague.

I'll be honest- I'm so sick of the dreary news and the worn out "in this economy" line. I haven't watched the news in weeks because I want to start my day with a positive outlook. The past year or so has been rough on many people and on many industries though, so I've appreciated some blog posts written lately by people that have had a powerful effect on my life personally. I hope the following posts, ranging from being the best you in work to being successful as a whole, to just being content with being (for now), will inspire you as we round the corner to 2010. One idea is definitely in common: a positive outlook does wonders. For me, I know the 2010 season will be epic. The best is yet to come.


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