Last Minute Holidays

Let's face it, not every year can we be on time with everything and have everything in perfect order. Confession: I have not sent out my holiday cards yet. Nope, in fact, I haven't even taken my child's picture for the card yet. Let's call it fashionably late this year.

If you're having a late year too, or even if you're just scoping out your decor options for next year (that would be classified as fashionably early!), here are a few things to get your wheels turning.

Last Minute Decor:

I love this cardboard wreath from Cardboard Safari. Pop the pieces out and voila, you've got a 3D masterpiece. The pieces are also paintable.

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And if you're still spicing up your tree, try different colors and textures than the usual green, red, and gold:

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Don't you love their take on the Christmas skirt? And PS- the ornaments include a mixture of dried fruit, like oranges.

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Last Minute Greetings:

Designer friend Kristin has a great post on her blog dedicated to greeting cards.

What other 'Last Minute' things are you tending to? Cooking for that holiday party? Gifts? Do tell!


Photos 1-5 all via Young House Love

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