Using Inspiration Boards

Whether you're planning a party (birthday, bridal, or other), wedding, or even just hosting dinner for a small group of friends, you always have to find ways to focus your ideas and decide on a theme.

If you haven't been using inspiration boards yet, I definitely encourage you to try it! You don't need spiffy photo software to do it- all you need is a confined space to hold all the thoughts that will eventually turn into a theme.

In our office, we have a simple framed cork board that we pin things like fabrics, pictures, and even inspirational quotes on. It really helps us focus on the project, as well as helps us narrow our ideas down to a specific direction (creative minds are sometimes on overload, what can we say).


Inspiration boards are great for:

* Discovering a resonating theme or color palette.

* Creating a mood or feeling you want: Do you lean more toward soft and romantic, or mod and sophisticated?

* If you have several ideas you like, putting everything together often helps you decide which ideas to use and those to pass on.

Several sites also have tools for you to create your own inspiration boards online as well:

Style Me Pretty has a Bridal Community with a program that makes it a snap to collaborate, save, and share your ideas in fabulous inspiration board form.

Polyvore is a site that even allows you to clip pictures directly from web pages to create your board then allows you to embed or email your creation easily.

~Happy Planning!


Inspiration board via Snippet And Ink

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