From The Experts: Tips For Wedding Day Photos


This week's expert tip is from our Feature Friday guest Tana Urizar of Tana Photography. She's back this week to share some of her favorite tips to making your wedding day photos run smoothly, stay classy, and most of all capture the best parts of the day:

Have wedding day portraits taken prior to the ceremony.

It’s not taboo anymore and the groom will still think the bride’s beautiful when he sees her walk down the aisle. Especially if the wedding and reception are going to be at the same location, having the portrait session scheduled prior to the ceremony is one way to ensure the best day. Having the couple’s portraits, along with bridal party and family members, taken earlier will keep the sessions more private and relaxed, allowing more time for creativity especially when guests aren’t on the sidelines watching. Photo sessions before the ceremony definitely go more smoothly too. There’s a scheduled time for everyone to be there (a bridal party member is less likely to go missing) and everyone’s prepared and looking their best. The photographer can always arrange for the wedding couple to initially meet each other privately, capturing the “first look” and the groom still keeps that moment when he sees his bride coming down the aisle.


Consider having your wedding makeup professionally done.

It’s pampering, relaxing, and can give a bride more confidence in front of the camera. Wedding makeup should definitely be different than an every-day look. (The dress isn’t ‘every-day”!) It’s important to emphasize the eyes and features to avoid looking washed-out in a portrait. Find an artist you trust and be sure to do a pre-wedding run through. To make sure the bridesmaids’ look is cohesive, and if the budget allows, schedule enough time to have their makeup done that day too.

Plan your wedding day schedule realistically.

For photography, the schedule is usually tight and everything’s planned to get the most accomplished without taking too long. When wedding portraits are planned for pre-ceremony, allow a little room for running late at the hairdressers’, makeup artists’ and getting into wedding garb. When brides arrive late for photos, they’re already nervous and now they’re rushed- and it doesn’t make for a relaxing day. (And the photo session is one of the best parts!) My tip: tell the parties involved to be at their location 15 to 30 minutes earlier than they’re supposed to.

“Celebrating” before the photo session

I’m totally “in” with alcohol being a festive part of any celebration. But a little too much celebration a little too early in the day isn’t a good idea. Especially on those hot summer wedding days when the bridal party is being photographed outdoors and everyone gets thirsty, lethargic and distracted. “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” doesn’t hold for 11 am photo shoots. Granted everyone’s extra happy, but…I’m just saying.


A few more ideas….be sure to bring your lipstick, powder, tissues and drinking water to your photo session. And bonus tip: make your wedding day full of personal touches and all about you and your loved ones. That makes amazing photos.


Thanks Tana for sharing your tips with our brides! For more of Tana's work, visit her website and her blog. You can also see our Feature Friday post on Tana here.

~Happy Planning!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring Tana Urizar. Her taste is impeccable and her work is consistently the best. I can recommend her with no reservations.


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