The Glamor Behind Wedding Planning

I remember once reading a comment from another wedding planner that said "wedding planning is 98% hard work and business, and 2% glamor". Loved that comment, because it's so true. J Lo certainly kicked us in the pants with her super high Gucci heels and super short skirt...but let's just say you won't catch me dead in a skirt on a wedding day. Heels? Ok that you'll probably see me in (it's rough when you're only 5' 2"...)

So let's back up a bit. Because this post is for brides and aspiring wedding planners alike. Brides, when you meet me I'm cute, polished and may be wearing a skirt. But after you hire me, things are looking a bit more like this:


After all, tennis shoes, a good ground measurer, and lots of vision are always needed when you're about to tackle a space like this:

(Yes this is an actual private residence event space happening in July! That's Annie, one of our interns ready to take furious notes)

Or when you need to start with a super blank slate:


So what's the appeal to a job like mine? Lots- it's the creativity, the challenges in both business and planning a squeaky clean event, and just knowing how much you really are helping someone. And then there's the 2% perks the planner was talking about, like meeting really fab people:

(Me with Randy Fenoli in March...please note: I was Sick.As.A.Dog in this picture. Really surprised the man touched me..see how nice he is!)

And seeing the end results you've worked so hard for:


So the moral of this story is this: Brides, know that you're hiring a wedding planner for so much more than the fluff of it all. You're hiring this consultant for financial advice, design advice, and for his or her expertise in areas you're not an expert at. It's ok to have your vision- we want that; but you don't have to make all the details happen- that's what you hire us for.

Aspiring wedding planners, vendors, and all that love weddings: keep in mind for every fun thing this job entails, there are about 92 not so fun things you need to work through. Be dedicated and committed, and you'll get the most out of it. Me, I love this job and couldn't ask for anything better. It's one heck of a career ride.

~Happy Planning!

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