From The Experts: Tips For Choosing Your Photographer

This past Friday, we featured Greg from Greg Hoskins Photography. We love the classic, border line vintage feel to his photographs and the fact that he appreciates the individualism of each of his clients.

So far with our featured photographers we've heard a little about wedding day photos, engagement session tips, and now Greg is back to share his tips on actually choosing your wedding day photographer. After all, it's just like I tell my clients: You better like me (your wedding planner) and your photographer, because I guarantee you'll see us more than your groom on the wedding day!


Meet with your photographer candidates in person and choose a photographer not just based on art alone, but who you connect with on a personal level. Photography is a conversation between you and the photographer. The deeper the connection is between you and the photographer, the more authentic and real the conversation will be.


Once you have chosen a photographer that you have a deep connection with, put your unconditional trust in him or her. With trust, images are filled with authenticity, honesty, and sincere emotion. This requires you to open up parts of yourselves that you may not be used to sharing and to trust the photographer to capture those beautiful moments, even if it means doing something unique or different to support the artistic vision.


View your photographer not as “the photographer,” but as a family member or close friend who is there to experience your wedding day with you. Think of this. When are you most comfortable? Is it around your friends? Is it around strangers? Now, who would you rather have capturing the most important day of your life – someone you are connected to deeply enough to call a friend, or someone you met once who just shows up with a fancy camera?


Thanks again to Greg for sharing with us, and hopefully you enjoyed seeing a little snippet of his work. Be sure to check out his website and blog for even more wedding goodness!

Visit Greg's website here
Visit the Greg Hoskins Photography Blog

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