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When we saw this adorable doggie post the other day on the Elements of Style blog, we flipped. Then we kept scrolling and saw this cute-yet-stunning-at-the-same-time collaborative effort between Fat Orange Cat Studio and letterpress designer Parrot Design Studio:



Called the Orange Parrot Collection, these letterpress Save the Dates are the product of a pet and wedding photographer-meets-letterpress. Although exclusively for their photography clients, I thought they were too good of an idea not to share. After all, if your pet is going to be a part of your life and wedding, why not include him from the very beginning? And isn't that a great idea for a photographer, to specialize in weddings and pets? You really need to head over to the website to take a peek at how your cute pooch can look quite grand in a portrait of his own. 

In other news, I'm so excited for next week- I'll be heading to Las Vegas (twice in one month) for the Grace and Luxury wedding planning conference.  I actually found out on Friday that I had been chosen for a scholarship to the high end event, and I'm basically beside myself about it. Here's my digs I'll be staying in:


Not too bad for an impromptu jaunt to Las Vegas, if I do say so myself. I'll be there from Sunday until Thursday, with three intensive days with Ciara Daykin and many others from the Rockstar Wedding Planner group. We'll also be meeting some persons of note, including Sylvia Weinstock, Stacie Francombe, and more. I'll have so much to share with you next week, as many photos will be taken and many cocktails much fun will be had.

Has anyone stayed at the Green Valley Ranch Resort?

~Happy Thursday!

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