From The Experts: Wedding Cake Tips

This past Friday we featured Pamela of Pamela's Bakery in Eagle, Idaho. We marveled at the posh little cafe-bakery nestled in the heart of downtown Eagle, and now we get to ogle some of her creations all while Pamela shares with us some of her tips for making the most out of your wedding cake experience.

The inside of Pamela's Bakery

1. Share your budget with your cake designer when you begin your wedding cake consultation. Your cake designer will know what she/he has to work with
and can design a cake within your budget.


2. Realize that the wedding cakes you see in magazines and on cake shows are often very labor intensive to complete...which means a lot of money! Bring
pieces of inspiration and pictures of the cakes you love to your consultation but realize that you may have to compromise a bit to fit a spectacular design within your budget.
You can do a smaller version of the cake with a sheet cake or cupcakes on the side. You can still have a big cake but instead of the whole cake draped in handmade sugar flowers, you may
have a few sugar flowers placed here and there for big bursts of color. If you love a lot of flowers, opt for fresh flowers instead of handmade sugar flowers. You get the picture.

3. Don't rely on "Aunt Martha" or an inexpensive home cake decorator for one of the biggest days of your life! Purchase your wedding cake through a reliable bakery that has
sanitation standards that they're held to and whom you can hold responsible for your cake. I can't tell you how many very last minute wedding cakes I've done because "Cousin Betsy"
had a family emergency or "so and so" hasn't answered her phone for the past two weeks and my wedding is in two days! Hire a professional.


4. Make sure the cake tastes good. How awful is it for your guests' mouth to water over a beautiful cake only to have it taste like cardboard? All natural, high quality
cakes are more expensive than boxed cakes. Like #2, you may have to compromise on the size of your cake to fit a quality cake in to your budget, but it's worth it--
and your guests will thank you....and go back for seconds!

A big thank you to Pamela for sharing with us! If you're ever in Eagle, be sure to stop by the cafe for a little espresso and breakfast or a sweet snack. You can read our feature post on Pamela's Bakery here.

Visit Pamela's Bakery Website
Schedule your initial consultation by phone: 208.938.6585

~Happy Planning!

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